Top 10 Universities of South West England

Exter University

1. University of Exter. It has been settled in Exter, Devon. The University of Exter is assumed to be one of the best universities in the UK. The establishment of the university took place in 1922. Firstly it was to have been a college, but formally it became a university in 1955. Now it is one of the public universities in UK. “We follow the light” is the tagline.

Alex Stein and friends - Bath

2. University of Bath, which is situated in Bath, Somerset was founded in 1966, but its foundations goes deep into history and closely related to the date of 1856. One of the best universities in the UK and its history associated with a technical Bristol school, so it is an extremely respectable technical alma mater. The creed of the university is “To learn each field of study according to its kind”.


3. University of Bristol is a public, red brick and research university which is in Bristol. It is assumed to be also the best university in UK. The slogan claims that learning promotes one’s innate power. Prelectors will share their profound experience. This uni was started as a college in 1876 and in 1909 received royal charter.

Bournemouth University(BU)

4. Bournemouth University(BU) is a public university. Having been based in Bournemouth, Dorset, establishment took place in the year of 1992. The tag line states that to learn is to change. Despite the fact that BU is a latter-day one, it constantly takes its stand in the list of top 10 UK universities.

Arts University Bournemouth( AUB for short)

5. Arts University Bournemouth( AUB for short) is a higher university located in Poole, Dorset. The establishment took place in 1992. AUB is dedicated to resourceful, discreet, observant young prodigies who want to express themselves in in arts, acting, and media. Here you may also take up design, photography and teaching in addition. AUB is permanently mentioned in top university reviews.


6. University of the West England(also known as UWE) is a public university, founded in 1992 and situated in neighborhood with Bristol – at Frenchay. The slogan calls on to “Light, Liberty, Learning”. It is a top uni in UK.


7. Bath Spa University is a public institution, being located in Bath and in the surrounding area respectively. This university was started in the year of 1852. Bath Spa University offers one of the widest range of exuberant choice to students who are pretty hot on humanities, music and research. That is the simple reason why it is considered to be one of the best universities in the UK.


8. Falmouth University is a multi-arts alma-mater and its campuses are settled in Falmouth , Penryn, and Cornwall. It has been functioning since 1902. The university promotes the creed as “Creative Minds, Inspiring Futures”. This institution restlessly takes an honorable place in uni rankings in UK.

University of Gloucestershire

9. University of Gloucestershire is a public university in Gloucestershire. It was set up already in the year of 1847. Since those times it has always been assumed a topnotch university in UK.

Royal Agricultural University(simply RAU)

10. Royal Agricultural University(simply RAU) has been running since 1857 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. And its credo stands for “Caring for the Fields and the Beasts”.